Zaragon Real Estate

Zaragon Real Estate

Zaragon Real Estate 
specializes in financially challenged assets, receiverships and foreclosures. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Zaragon (through its principals and affiliates) owns and/or manages approximately 3,500 apartments, 1,100 manufactured housing units, 1,200,000 square feet of office and industrial space and several thousand acres of vacant land. In addition, Zaragon both develops and purchases student housing properties at major universities throughout the U.S.

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Creative Thinking

When a local business decides to expand nationwide, their brand needs to grow with them.  When Zaragon took its business to the entire Midwest and select East Coast territories; we made sure their audience was ready for it. Our idea was to design a brand that is consistent throughout all Zaragon locations, but with the flexibility to adapt to local preferences.

Production & Execution
  • Instead of trying to execute on all real estate products at once, we primarily focused on their signature service, Zaragon Place.
  • Once we perfected the digital assets for Zaragon Place, we modeled the rest of our work after those findings, strategies and creatives. This generated 60% in savings for development, time and cost for Zaragon Real Estate.
Results & Deliverables
  • Website Designs & Development (WordPress)
  • Microsites
  • Search Engine Optimization

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