West Coast Defender

West Coast Defender

West Coast Defender | Land Rover Defender brings new life to classic Land Rover Defenders with all the modern amenities you would expect in a brand new car today such as leather interiors, navigation, and premium sound; giving their customers the features and comfort they want without compromising the Defender’s true heritage.

Creative Thinking

When we get a product that is so unique paired with a strong message, we do all we can to change nothing; yet everything we do has the ability to amplify the brand’s message.  When we partnered with West Coast Defender, we weren’t just advertising a vehicle; to some, we were selling a dream. The Defender represents adventure and living well, so during the creative process, we paid extra attention to the artwork we used because the target audience had proven to be highly visual.

Production & Execution
  • We looked at dozens of competitor websites and started designing and developing based on only the essentials. This uncluttered approach allowed the Defenders to pop off the page.
  • Search Engine Optimization allowed the West Coast Defender to climb the Google rankings by three pages.
  • We continue to push the limit of what a free WordPress website can do with a responsive design.
Results & Deliverables
  • Website Design & Development (via WordPress)
  • Search Engine Optimization

Other Works