Poize Magazine

Poize Magazine

Poize Magazine is Nigeria’s FIRST publication for women entrepreneurs! Poize is a guide for women who want to launch, run or grow their business. Poize celebrates Nigerian women who have achieved business success and wish to share business lessons to women across Africa. Their goal is to help women consider entrepreneurship as a mindset that in turn supports their communities in day-to-day life at home and in society.

  • Client: Poize Magazine
  • Works: Brand & Magazine Design
Creative Thinking

Taking an idea to final production isn’t easy, but it’s something we’ve done successfully time and time again. When Poize Magazine approached us with a business opportunity, it was love at first sight. The editors at Poize had great content and ideas for their 1st magazine issue; which in turn was matched with creative design that propelled Poize to be a world-renowned brand. To capture the busy lifestyles of female professionals in Africa, we positioned Poize to be trendy and entertaining while serving as a serious informative publication.

Production & Execution

We started by looking at other relevant magazines to help gather inspiration. Our creative team designed the master layout so that each page had the perfect balance of text and images.

Results and Deliverables
  • Entire Magazine Design (Cover-to-Cover)
  • Digital Promotion Assets
  • iOS App Store and Android Branding Design

Other Works