HWZ Hiltz Wantuch & Zanzig LLC

HWZ Hiltz Wantuch & Zanzig LLC

Hiltz Wantuch & Zanzig, LLC service individuals contemplating bankruptcy, small businesses facing possible liquidation or reorganization, and creditors looking to retain a lawyer to advocate for rights. The firm’s partners have a background in Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Illinois.

  • Client: HWZ Hiltz Wantuch & Zanzig, LLC
  • Works: Branding Refresh
Creative Thinking

How can we make a law firm both sleek and professional at the same time? We think it all comes down to creativity. We know that simplicity, design and a minimalist layout can give more weight to content. There is a difference between appeal and attraction and our ultimate goal is to facilitate engagement within your target demographic.

Production & Execution
  • We started with a brand new logo that incorporates the company’s original color. By using a more metallic color treatment, we created something modern yet professional.  We expanded the brand from print assets to digital assets, while maintaining the same design language and brand persona.
  • By taking advantage of the open source platform, WordPress, we customized themes and plug-ins to ensure Hiltz, Wantuch & Zanzig are able to edit the website content effortlessly.
Results & Deliverables
  • Logo Artwork
  • Business Card
  • Letter Head
  • Direct Mail Campaign
  • Website Design and Development (via WordPress)

FDS’s creative work, design skills and professionalism exceeded all of my expectations. From the beginning, they took the time to learn and understand what our business was about, what we needed, and what we wanted. He has an impressive way of creating products that are perfectly tailored to your needs. Thanks!

Kathy Wantuch
Kathy WantuchPartner at Hiltz Wantuch & Zanzig LLC

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