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Creative Thinking

We are always in need of services, and subsequently, a list of suppliers. But wouldn’t this list be so much more reliable if it were from friends who have had experiences dealing with these vendors? This is what emazeMe is exactly about! With emazeMe, you can create your own list of vendors and share them with your friends and also view your friends’ lists. Talk about combining Facebook and the yellow pages! and how do we make emazeMe stand out? Our creative team came up with an engaging tagline, “Who’s on your list?” – A seemingly simple question but is at the heart of what emazeMe seeks to address. Now we can say ‘Who’s on your list?’ – fast and easy!


We developed emazeMe’s design, visuals, and art direction and integrated these with their website’s interface thus making it more interactive and engaging. We also established emazeMe’s brand identity which trickled down to their internal and external communication materials (i.e. business cards and the like)

  • Generated members
  • Media attention
  • Generated traffic into client’s site

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