According to Dunnhumby, people nowadays like to stay away from traditions and find new ways to spend their holidays, i.e, more time with friends instead of families, and more time to use social media tools to prepare and share their holidays. Millennials, if you’re feeling panic as the holidays are approaching, either with or without family members, here are some tips to help you survive.

1.Keep the focus off yourself


If you are tired of being asked too many questions and need to somehow be invisible at a big family dinner, just bring a chatty date and let him/her do all the talking. If you can’t find a date, bring up other family members to deter the conversation from yourself. Also, drinking plenty will allow you to excuse yourself from the table and conversation often.




2. D.I.Y gifts


Isn’t it sweet to D.I.Y. a gift for your significant others and give them a special handmade surprise? Not only will you get brownie points for taking the time to hand make a gift but D.I.Y. gifts can be surprisingly cheap. Not that creative to come up with an idea; that’s why there’s Pinterest. Even less creative; that’s why there’s Etsy!



3.Don’t bring up politics


No matter whom you are going to spend the holiday with, friends or relatives, try to avoid the “president” talk. You never know if you have different points of view and you don’t want to ruin the conversation or spend hours arguing in circles.



4. Know everyone else is going through the same thing


You’ll probably spend a good amount of time on social media during the holidays. You’ll see photos of your friends enjoy their vacations with their families. Just remember that social media is often a lie and they are just as miserable as you. Even if they’re not, just believing they are will help ease your pain and suffering.



5. family is always the best holiday gift


Lastly, hanging out with friends is cool, but being with family is always the best. Whether you are going through good or bad times, share them with your family at dinner night and get a hug. They are the ones that will make us feel loved.

There IS such thing as the (statistically) best online profile picture! According to eHarmony and data, here is what an ideal online profile picture should look like for men in 2016.

    + 50%

    Do you have pictures from your last time rock climbing trip, or playing guitar on an open mic? It’s time to put them to good use. A picture of an active YOU is proven to increase response rate by 50% because people are interested in interesting people.full-body-online-dating-website-300x225_copy_360

    What does that mean in design?

    When creating a web page or any advertisement, you need to consider the BIG IDEA first. Is it engaging to my audience?  The idea should communicate a positive and an inviting emotion to inspire viewers to act.

    + 35%

    Skip the selfies, data shows you can get a higher response rate if your friends are included in the pictures. Researchers show having a group picture with  friends can build up your social capital.pictures_of_you_with_friends_360

    What does that mean in design?

    In digital marketing, we can’t just share pictures of our best friends, but we can share testimonials from previous customers. Genuine testimonials build trust quicker than any witty slogans because they are acting as a social proof for your brand.


    A full-length picture of you can send a positive signal to your potential matches; letting them know you are authentic and confident. That’s it. That wasn’t so hard right guys?picture_of_you_in_full-length_360

    What does that mean in design?

    Shoppers appreciate authenticity and transparency of your brand. Just like a full-length picture, share behind-the-scene information in your social media, and don’t be shy to give customers a sense of who you are on the about us page.


    This one is tricky, research shows that men looking away from the camera and don’t display a smile get more response. This look is perceived as confident and pride, which is an attractive trait for many.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

    What does that mean in design?

    As a brand, you can’t just “look away”. However, what this tells us is confidence is coming from within (aka, the brand value), and not any fancy graphics. Don’t be afraid to let the consumers know when you are not a good fit for them. This not only signals you are authentic and not willing to compromise the brand principle just to make a sale.

  • so_what_360

    So What?

    So if someone is taking a picture of you playing guitar on the edge of a cliff while 3 of your friends are standing next to you and one of the “wild-side” you suddenly decided do show off your cliff diving skill, you better make sure you look away from the camera!


tinder website design.gif
Now that you have learned something about online dating profile picture and web design.
What will you do next?