How to get high ROI for PPC B2B lead generation?

ppc b2b lead generation

Right! We can generate B2B leads from PPC, but the problem always bothers us is ROI. Different from B2C business, B2B always cost more due to bigger campaign scale. How to increase the ROI is remarkable in PPC B2B lead generation. Think about it in two ways: increase the return and reduce the useless investment.

Increase the return by more effective landing pages

Different from the B2C lead generation that you offer cost-based items like “save 30% at the first night in our hotel”, you are supposed to provide case-by-case offers depending on the target audience for B2B lead generation. Let’s say you are targeting at real estate companies. To get a deep insight of this industry, you could choose several dominating companies and start researching for them on varieties of social media platforms. You would find out their business styles from home page background design, catch what they are interested in from accounts they follow, and realize their likely demands from recent feeds…Based on that info, you could generate relevant offers that show what they care or provide what they want.

social media for ppc b2b lead generation

Reduce useless investment by smart ad copies

Each click on your AdWords costs money! Try to make every click as efficient as possible instead of solely increasing CTR without any focus. You should write advertising copy that could filter out unqualified visitors, so the actual traffic earned would be a lot more relevant to your business.

How to build this filter advertising copy? You could reflect the business size of your target audience, like using “Enterprise Class Consulting” in the description, so small businesses would not click in since they know they would not get the right service from you. Stating the industry you are working in is another idea. Your advertising copy could read “Consulting in Company Tax Returns.” You could even add pricing to the advertising copy such as “Plan Starting at $699/month”. I know it’s sometimes awkward to talk about money, but it’s a straightforward way to weed out candidate without enough budget, saving time for both parties.

filter irrelevant traffic for ppc b2blead generation

PPC B2B lead generation is just a start, satisfying clients’ needs is always the priority, no matter for your word of mouth or long-term return. See some awesome B2B works from our Fresh Design Studio to inspire you for a better business!

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