ppc b2b lead generation

How to get high ROI for PPC B2B lead generation?

Right! We can generate B2B leads from PPC, but the problem always…
June 14, 2017/by Ziyao Yang
ppc millennials lead generation

PPC Millennials Lead Generation Tips for You

PPC Millennials lead generation is getting increasingly promising…
June 2, 2017/by Ziyao Yang
satisfied when things done right

PPC Lead Generation Done Right

Is PPC only for e-commerce? Absolutely not! It could attract…
May 30, 2017/by Ziyao Yang
WordPress Care Plan

WordPress Care Plan Are Here

Fresh Design Studio announces a refresh from WordPress Maintenance…
March 8, 2017/by admin

The top 3 social media marketing mistakes that even an experienced marketer makes

We know there are tons of guidelines, resources, tutorials when…
March 2, 2017/by Anson
Top 5 Tips For Millennials On Starting Your Side Hustle

Top 5 Tips For Millennials On Starting Your Side Hustle

Congratulations on deciding to pursue your passions and finding…
January 11, 2017/by Donata Kalnenaite
tinder website design.gif

Top 4 things you can learn about design from online dating profile photo

There IS such thing as the (statistically) best online…
October 11, 2016/by Anson
website clouds

Why clouds get people to buy more expensive beds

In marketing and advertising, the heart of any campaigns…
September 14, 2016/by Anson
Website hosting Review

The Unofficial Website Hosting Review

If you ever tried to select a shared hosting providers…
September 12, 2016/by Anson

Photo A Day Creative Journey Starts now

I have recently decided to take on a creative Photo A Day…
August 4, 2016/by Anson
real estate marketing

80% Real estate companies are doing Millennial Marketing wrong.

The population of the Millennial generation, those…
April 28, 2016/by Anson
reduce high bounce rates

Is your bounce rate really high? And how to reduce it

You may think the lower your bounce rate is, the better your…
April 18, 2016/by admin
Bernie Sander profile

Why Millennials are in love with Bernie Sanders

Before you start reading this post, you will have to excuse my…
February 16, 2016/by Anson

How Millennials Are Changing Real Estate From Their Parents Day

31%of Home Buyers are Millennials The real estate industry…
January 6, 2016/by Anson

Fresh Mints

Here at Fresh Design Studio we like to focus on what is fresh…
November 25, 2015/by admin

I will vote for Trump if he rides a Harley and wears a pair of Google Glass

When Google Glass was first unveiled, it received no shortage…
September 21, 2015/by Anson

Fresh Design Studio is the first Millennial agency in the Midwest

Chicago, IL Sept 10th. -- Fresh Design Studio, LLC, a leading…
September 10, 2015/by Bianca

An unconventional guide to getting a job in advertising and marketing in 2015

What does it take to get a job in marketing these days? Marketing…
August 30, 2015/by Anson
Chicago Real Estate

Top 5 Don’ts of Real Estate Lead Generation

May 22, 2015/by admin
Chicago Real Estate Marketing

Top 5 Do’s of Real Estate Lead Generation

May 22, 2015/by admin

Announcing Relocation of Office to 29 E. Madison

Contact: [Anson Wu] Telephone:  [312.880.9337] Email:…
May 22, 2015/by admin
Chicago Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Marketing Top 5 tips for 2015

 Building your own brand Many would like to think real estate…
May 18, 2015/by Anson
Tidal Press Conference

Top 3 Reasons Tidal Music Streaming Service Could Fail

The Disengaged UI/UX For Music Streaming Service Tidal’s…
April 29, 2015/by Anson

Top 5 things you can do to increase your chances of getting into a digital agency

Since 2009, I have been recruiting college graduates and young…
March 1, 2015/by Anson

Community Platforms – From Facebook to Snapcash

Content has defined the web for the entirety of 2014.…
January 12, 2015/by camille

Your business is what your website says about you

An artist is known by his canvas, a book by its cover and a business…
August 26, 2014/by admin

Is ALS ice bucket challenge good for your creative branding?

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is actually good for your creative…
August 26, 2014/by admin

Web Design Trends You Can Expect To See In 2014 (part 2)

Technology is changing continuously especially in web design…
July 15, 2014/by admin

Web Design Trends You Can Expect To See In 2014 (part 1)

Since the internet has been introduced, there are many amazing…
July 1, 2014/by admin

Tips on How to Be Creative

How many times your creative directors have told you to be MORE…
May 20, 2014/by admin

5 Essential Tips in Logo Design

Logos isn't all about you and your business. It’s about how…
May 8, 2014/by admin
Responsive Website Design

Responsive Web Design

The use of mobile gadgets has been increasing, and in 2014 mobile…
April 24, 2014/by Anson

Web Analytical Tools: Traffic Proves It All

Making a website is not so difficult any more with all the tools…
April 11, 2014/by admin
Back to the Future Web Design

The Future of Website Design

A few weeks ago, a client jokingly asked us to comment on what…
April 10, 2014/by Anson

Website Design Become More Personal

Yes, it is the trend. I'm sure you notice that websites are  becoming…
April 7, 2014/by admin

Chicago Web Design – 5 Easy Tips to Keep Your Website Fresh and Engaging

Everyone has a website, literally. Some websites get to…
February 25, 2014/by admin
Chicago Web Design

Chicago Web Design

The world of web design brings a lot of exciting possibilities…
February 18, 2014/by Anson

Does your website surpass initial viewers’ 10-sec glance?

Statistics show that viewers only spend an average of 10 seconds…
February 6, 2014/by admin

Why WordPress Is Good For SEO?

The power of search engines has changed the landscape of the…
February 5, 2014/by admin
Chicago Website Design

Chicago Website Design Landscape

You would imagine that everyone would now be aware that website…
February 4, 2014/by Anson

Website Project Management 101

When beginning a new website project, you can feel overwhelmed…
January 22, 2014/by admin
Internet addicting

The Internet Is Addicting

The internet has become a part of our daily lives.  Our work…
January 21, 2014/by admin
Urban Alternatives Properties

Fresh Design Studio Designs Website For Urban Alternative

(CHICAGO, IL, January 10, 2014) – Fresh Design Studio worked…
January 10, 2014/by admin

Warm Greetings from the Fresh Design Studio Team

(CHICAGO, IL, December 31, 2013) – The Fresh Design Studio…
December 31, 2013/by admin
WordPress Unit

Fresh Design Studio Partners With WordPress Developer (WordPress Unit)

(CHICAGO, IL, October 21, 2013) – WordPress Unit is a brand…
October 21, 2013/by admin
University of Illinois at Chicago

Announcing Good News

(CHICAGO, IL, October 14, 2013)  – Fresh Design Studio has…
October 14, 2013/by admin

Our Creative Process

(CHICAGO, IL, October 1, 2013)  – Chicago’s annual Social…
October 1, 2013/by admin

Fresh Design Studio Creates a New Online Experience for Chicago Chinatown Chamber of Commerce

(CHICAGO, IL, September 20, 2013)  -- Fresh Design Studio (…
September 20, 2013/by admin

Chicago’s Boutique Digital Agency Fresh Design Studio Reinvents for 2013

(CHICAGO,IL, July 31, 2013) - After a refreshing break, recharge…
July 31, 2013/by admin

Fresh Design Studio Partners With American Medical Spa Association

(CHICAGO, IL, July 2, 2013) – Fresh Design Studio, a digital…
July 16, 2013/by admin


(CHICAGO, IL) -  Fresh Design Studio - known as the “nimble…
May 27, 2013/by admin